of the ETH-IMP XRF analytical facilities

2006 February New machine (PANAlytical) bought by the ETHZ will arrive for our own glasspill analyses.
2005 November crushing room changed to LEB A3, in 1.April 2006 the lab Co25 will move to NW B 89
2005 January Claisse M 4 working
2004 Autumn New lab assistant Ms Lydia Zehnder from Switzerland
2004 March Installation and first try out of Claisse M 4 by F. Vils
2004 February New lab assistant and webmaster. Mr. Flurin Vils from Switzerland
2004 February Claisse M 4 arrived
2003 Spring New lab assistant ! Ms Adélie G. Delacour from France
2002 December "Lab Publications" updated (2 entries)
2002 Summer Old Perl X'3 glass bead casting machine given to EMPA Switzerland, bead casting operated manually until new gas-oven bead casting machine gets installed (from Claisse)
2002 January 29'437 HTTP requests to our site between 2/2001 and 12/2001 !
trend is increasing
2002 January troubleshooting site (broken links etc)
"site access statistics" category (link) added to table of contents
2001 November New course syllabi for 2 current classes posted (WS 01/02):
- "Physikalische Methoden der Mineral- & Gesteinsanalyse"
- "Labormethoden in Sedimentologie und Sedimentypetrographie"
2001 October New pictures & updates on "instruction" sites
New Pt crucibles, monitor beads polished
"News" category added to table of contents
2001 August New lab assistant ! Ms Chiara Boschi from Pisa (Italy)
2001 March New lab assistant ! Mr Andreas Häfner
2001 February XRF homepage moved to ethz server, own domain
2000 October New XRF homepage launched

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