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NOTE: Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) always state information on the side of caution. Do take the hazard seriously, though. Work safely and consciously, never on weekends or during the night (when no help is available), and first of all: KNOW THE CHEMICALS YOU WORK WITH !

This is what you need to know:

The first aid kit is located on the wall near the entrance door (reasonably well equipped).
A collection of MSDS is in the blue folder on top of it.

A fire extinguisher is between the door and the first aid kit.

An emergency shower is above the doorframe (handle is above the oven, next to the door).

On the door, the emergency numbers of ETH (888) and the Uni-Spital are listed,
as well as a list of R- & S- (risk- and safety) phrases (know the R & S of the chemicals you work with !).

A few things to keep in mind:

The hazard doesn't end with the use of the chemicals, the proper disposal is also an issue. Waste HCl goes into the provided container.

Remember that Acetone (thus dissolved Elvacite as well) has a very high vapour pressure and is explosive. Don't place it too close (nor on!) any heat source (ovens, glass bead casting machine, Bunsen burners).

Remember that latex gloves are not impermeable! Different glove materials just differ in their (time-) permeablities. Latex gloves are not suited for work with acetone.

WEAR SAFTETY GOGGLES all the time. You just got one eye pair in your life.

Download MSDS here : (restricted to domain

For downloadeable or on-line instruction manuals, go here.

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