of the ETH-IMP XRF analytical facilities

ETH-internal Service:
We offer access to our laboratory facilities and help for rock crushing, grinding and glass-bead preparation of silicate and carbonate rocks for X-Ray fluorescence analysis. Analytical services are provided for ETH member institutions in preparative self-operation after individual instruction. The XRF-spectrometer is operated by the responsible persons only.

Commercial Service:
We offer complete analyses of major and trace elements of solid samples (preparation and analysis) to external customers at competitive rates and with short turnover time. For further information and quotes, please contact one of the responsible persons listed below.

For reservation, information or quote, please contact:

Ms Lydia Zehnder, Tel: 044 632 7155

Prof. Dr. Peter Ulmer, Tel 044 632 3955

Dr. Eric Reusser, Tel. 044 632 3780


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